REST all the way right?  Or just another absolute software statement that we’ll retract or at least recant over the next few years.  I’ve used both REST and SOAP with success, but was posed with the question why use REST?

Good links on the subect:
“More people need to ask themselves questions like do I really need to use the same type system and data format for business documents AND serialized objects from programming languages?”
The AWS team asking customers why and which API they prefer – REST or SOAP.

I come back to the following:  If you want downlevel caching (meaning requests and responses go outside your network, unless you have a very big network), stateless communication and a clean API – prefer REST.

If you’re concern is a couple methods over the wire use SOAP, and if you’re on the Microsoft stack, put it all behind WCF.  What about other stacks?  I’m open to change this opinion.