I’m excited – I’ve wrapped up the final edits for a book project collaboration I’ve been part of.  The title of the upcoming release is: Distributed Team Collaboration in Organizations: Emerging Tools and Practices, due to publish this spring.

I was very eager, and humbled,  to participate in this project when Dr. Kathleen Milhauser invited my chapter submission in late 2009.  I had already been working on distributed teams for about 7 years (with and without offshore teammates), was interested in the topic of trust and jumped in.  It was much tougher than I anticipated – there is a wealth of knowledge out there concerning trust, but much less on distributed team members – which is why I think this book will be well received.

My hope is that this book is a contribution to the team management and software architecture community and the on going dialog. Expanding our understanding of how members of a team are built up, fit in and are cared for can lead to varied decisions throughout the life-cycle of a project.

At the end I’m quite pleased with my chapter, which covers: trust is in a professional setting, incongruent teams, agitators to building trust, induction problems,  and socio-emotional needs, amongst others.  There are many other great contributed chapters including technological changes for distributed teams, executive overviews and more.

Special thanks to my wife and my encouraging colleague Krams Ramasubramanian.