I too got mixed up in the comments on StackOverflow that Joel and Jeff made about Robert Martin’s S.O.L.I.D. principles – to the point I was reading Coding Horror threads. (I leave out links and backstory to Joel and Jeff to spare you the wasted hours of reading.)

While on CodingHorror I was reminded of the vulgarity that anonymity creates and the attitude of so many people in our industry. They just don’t give a crap. They don’t care that they don’t know how to code, that there is a difference between awful design and good design. That objects actually help refactoring and they aren’t blob classes. They couldn’t care less. Here is an example:

From codinghorror comments

There’s one thing you can do trying to keep up with progress or code like you always did. If you started in maybe Fortran, Basic, VB, ASP or maybe PHP – you continue to script your code in good old plain procedural programming. Too much OO slows you down…
New shiny thing,,, i don’t give a damn – I code it like I used to, get the machine obey my will, not the other way around…
And you don’t get more paid if you code spaghetti or nice code when your boss asks for results, time is money!!!
Ideals are good in a perfect world – I could say the search for programming utopia or something…

Would anyone want this guy on their team? He purports that he speaks for management…that they don’t care…well, they just don’t know he is sinking their software deeper and deeper into the mud.

So, I feel it’s my responsibility to warn you in Jeff Atwood fashion of this pariah. BEWARE!

They will leach onto your project, or you, and pull you down. They will undermine your work, the progress you make or anything you do in the name of progress, or heaven forbid, process. And it will all be stated in a backwards apologetic standard: “one design isn’t better than the other” or “200 line methods are fine, it can’t be done any other way”. And, one of my personal favorites “no time for TDD. No time, no time”.

It’s all stated in a pedestrian manner until you begin to peal away at the onion. “Hey, can’t we all get along. There is no black or white – just gray”. Unfortunately, as in real life, there is black and there is white. Billy is white and Sam is black. Deal with it. In software these folks will seriously suck the ever loving life out of you and then move on with their indecision, ignorance of the industry and belief that all things are equal.